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Default Re: Panasonic NVGS50 camcorder backlight issue

I tried the flet pen mark test. The video heads drum changed its position but maybe it was due to the tape being pushed against the video drum while the cassette was getting to its position within the mechanism.

I checked the M1A, M2A and M3A signals with a scope. they are all of constant '0' level, but I'll retry the test by recording the signals on a longer period of time as the pulses may be transitory.

I also checked CYL ERR signal which is constant 2,8V value (don't know if it is a logical level line) and /CYL ON which is also of 2,8V constant level. Maybe it could be useful to record the /CYL ON for a longer period of time to see if a low pulse is occuring. Maybe everything is OK with IC2201 and the issue has to be investigated on IC2001 (which drives /CYL ON)...
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