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Default Re: SHARP LC-80LE633U has open resistor r7133 on PSU

davi.p i tested the psu with both the PSON pin to 5v and the PNL_POW to 5v as well, before i hooked it up to everything and had the backlight come on and and almost functioning tv except yes no picture just black backlit screen. but my point is this. during doing that testing, i saw that just putting 5v to pson, got me the ur13v. it was not depended on also having pnl_pow fed 5v. but i have tried that as well, and it doesnt change anything. pson at 5v should be enough to turn on the ur13v. pnl_pwr turns on the tcon...and LEDS, maybe?

i wish i had taken more notes while it was in that state but i thought i was so close!

and yeah... i do repair tvs professionally. ive saved a lot of them from the landfill. maybe check your ego a little bit eh? we all should be focused on the same goal here right? no hard feelings. thanks for your input. lets just chill and get to the bottom of this thing! <3
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