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Default Re: DPS5020 dual power supply build

Why is the on-board FET a cause for concern here exactly ? The way I understand it is when Q4 in your schematic (which I'll kindly ask you to remind me which software you used to create since I keep asking and keep forgetting ) "opens" (gate goes low) it causes a spike on the input side of the module which can exceed the rated 50v input ?

I see TWO sets of resistor+capacitor: one on the input, one on the output. These act as "quenching" devices so to say ?
Also I believe there's an error with the symbols for the X caps across the switch, as they're shown as electrolytics

Like I said in my original post, I already built a similar unit and I now realise there's a LOT of room for improvement and I'm probably running it improperly there: no arc-suppression on the AC switch, no zener diode across the input terminals of the DPS, no caps on the input and output the way you suggested....I'll probably open it up again and improve it as well, especially since this one is a single transformer setup and don't have to worry about keeping anything separate.

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