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Default Re: DPS5020 dual power supply build

I would have a cap across each switch contact. But I am not knowledgeable on the European usual method. I think 10nF is minimum and I use 33-47nF for larger transformers to 1500VA.
My boss yelled at me - "the {DPST} switch contacts are never identical. One opens first and another closes first". So the power off arc could occur at either contact.

From the DPS5020 manufacturer:
"if you use AC-DC converter or transformer coil, please add rectifier (rectifier bridge) and filter (more than 4700uf filter capacitor). If input power supply is unstable, please add LC, L is over 47uH, C is over 2200 uf."

So I think 10,000uF is perfect. The LC filter is probably if you are supplying noisy power from a SMPS. It's poorly translated.
You can see two power mosfets at the IN(-) on the PCB so not sure why.

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