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Default Re: Your Video Card Cooling Mods

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
so anyone have any ideas for removing and weakening thermal epoxy? does acetone work?
No ideas, but I do know temperatures below freezing weaken the epoxy, though. In the past, I've removed the heat spreaders on PS3 GPU chips just with heating the heat spreader to around 60-80C and using brute force to pry it off. But that's always a bit risky.

Anyways, I do have a Radeon 7500 AGP video card with what appears to be the same heatsink as yours (in fact, the whole PCB appears to be very similar to your card with a few minor differences.) And on mine, the fan still works (though it was very noisy and almost stuck when I got it), but I do plan on changing the heatsink on it, just for the sake of having a more quiet card and maybe more reliable too when I use a different fan. I'm thinking to use the same HS as the ASUS V3800M I put in post #2 of this thread.
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