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Default Re: Your Video Card Cooling Mods

another candidate up for modding is a sapphire radeon 8500le 64mb. i bid on it on junkbay cuz those gf4 ti cards just have overinflated prices! before the seller shipped the item, he said that while testing the item before shipping out, there was some noise from the fan and that he included a second fan in the package.

when i got it and tried testing it on the abit ic7-g, i found that the fan had partially seized with a dry bearing most likely from the noise it made tho it was still spinning very slowly. i still had my dual 80mm fans blowing at it to keep it cool. i tested it in win98 by forcing the driver to see it as a radeon 9000 series card (because the omega drivers i was using no longer support the 8500 series) and it worked fine in many games i tested it with.

i tried removing the fan to lube and clean the bearing but the stator broke apart while i was trying to remove the rotors. grrr! the screw holes for the spare fan the seller provided dont line up with the original fan. there is no way to remove the heatsink because it seems to have been glued down onto the gpu with thermal epoxy. so the only way is to mod the heatsink to attach a more powerful fan onto it.

after cracking my head and having a headache from it for over a week! i finally had an eureka moment. i decided to use cable ties and to use the stator frame of the original fan as an anchor point to secure the cable ties onto. i had to run two cable ties in a "U" manner under the stator frame and then screwed the stator frame back onto the heatsink with the original screws to secure the cable ties onto the heatsink.

took me a few tries to get it right. then i just ran the cable ties sticking up from the heatsink through the mounting holes of the 40mm fan the seller gave me for free. used one of the mini 2-pin to 3-pin fan adaptors i got off aliexpress to connect the fan to the video card fan header.

i ran some game tests with dx8 games to see how hot it ran and if the mod cools well. i also had the usual 140mm fan blowing air over the pci and agp slot area. measuring the temperature of the rear pcb side of the gpu with the scythe ir thermometer, i got 53-54C while gaming. so this means the gpu core probably runs at around 60C at max gaming load. so i wouldnt say it cools well but this is the best it can do since i cant replace the heatsink as its glued down with thermal epoxy.

so anyone have any ideas for removing and weakening thermal epoxy? does acetone work?
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