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Default Re: How to Recondition (Reform) Electrolytic Capacitors and Why

Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
There are a couple on eBay, I bought one like these but they seem popular so the price can be higher on them.

The winters are made comfy here in Sweden by my computers

In the description they state:

A 10A 75mV Shunt (not included, available in our store) must be added if the meter is used to measure current / amps; otherwise the meter will be damaged.

Just curious, the resolution on this 20V/10A model is 0.01 for both the voltage and the amperage. So the last digit is ľA. How many microamps does the circuit need to draw for the last digit to switch from a 0 to a 1?

Also, would a current shunt be necessary for such low current draw?
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