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Default Re: How to Recondition (Reform) Electrolytic Capacitors and Why

Originally Posted by kc8adu View Post
i reform to rated voltage then add 20% once they seem ok.
or use the surge voltage stated on the can.
look at the data sheets.some caps give the surge rating.
but i can tell you i have never needed to reform a motherboard cap.and i have installed around 20,000 caps in the last 10 years.and today i installed some 16v caps that are 15 years a +12 supply for a cnc.of course they are rubycons and problems are rare.
cheap crap probably should be reformed if you have no choice but to use them.
Can you please post some info on your re-forming jig so we can get some more examples?

How do you achieve the rated voltage on certain caps? An LM317 or its variants will go up to 50 volts or so, how do you get to say 400v if you need to? Also, which method are you using to test the leakage?

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