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Default Re: TC Impact Twin mods

Not sure how the stereo/mono/side switching is done (transistors, CMOS?)... it can be controlled by the software and the button on the front. However, if you route the audio output directly to 1/2 (instead of going through the mixer),that section gets bypassed completely. Anyway, it is not directly through a hardware switch.

Yes, I realize the that noise on the iXBT test is much lower in magnitude... but it looks similar in nature. My Impact Twin was purchased used and I'm assuming that they tested a brand new one. Perhaps mine has a bit more wear on the components, particularly electrolytic capacitors in the power supply? I replaced most of the big caps in the analog supply, but not the digital supply.

Perhaps new electrolytics in the digital supply might help? Putting Panasonic FRs in the analog supply did seem to reduce the spurious noise somewhat according to before/after measurements. However, IIRC, I made my initial stock measurements with my old PC which has a noisier power supply (i.e. EMI), so I'm not sure how valid they might be.

Or maybe I should just box it up and use it as is and forget about those imperfections....
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