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Default Re: NAD C272/C372 filter cap failures

Originally Posted by Hyltz View Post
My apologies "retiredcaps"

The NAD 372 main caps are 10000uf, 80v, 105 deg, 35mm dia.

I have found some Panasonic caps to replace ad they are 105 deg's. But was wondering if there where better caps i could use. Say Nichicon?
Panasonic is as good, if not better than, Nichicon, depends on the series, but Panny is one of the only manufacturers that has NEVER had a bad series.

The extra unpopulated spots on the board allow you some upgradabillity.

Removing all 4 10,000uF 80V caps, and replacing them with 6 8200uF 100V caps, means you never have to worry about overvolting them again, plus you get a little increase in capacitance.

Digikey has these:
Panasonic T-HA series, 105 deg., massive 5A ripple rating, 35MM diam. Problem is these are 4 terminal, so check the data sheet to see if they will fit, looks like the board has extra holes for 4 pin caps, but they may not line up correctly. They' also 80MM high, you didn't mention how high the originals are.
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