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Default Re: IPIBL-LB loses BIOS settings after power off

Oh noes.
I guess leave it to ASUS to build an unreliable board - at least from that era. (On that note, I can't think of any DDR2 -era boards that were as reliable as the old DDR boards, if bad capacitor issues are put aside for a moment.)

Originally Posted by pfrcom View Post
Undecided whether to replace the crappy Macronix SPI chip this time, or just do irreparable damage to the board so I'm not tempted to waste more time on it
Yeah, I know this feeling. Have quite a bit of hardware in that boat. In the end, I don't destroy any of it though, just in case I need to pull parts to save something else. Have done that quite often with finicky/artifacting video cards. As for my finicky motherboards - good for testing gutless PSUs "as is" - that is, see if they can power up and not blow up (especially when they might have bad caps.)
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