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I suggest sir as a last ditch effort before retiring it completely if it's not too late, baking the board. I have the problem as a common issue with geforce 6100/6150 chipsets. It's the closest I can get easily to a 'bga reflow' since I don't have a heat gun or a torch or patience. I know it's not a 'convenitonal' method, but for a board you've attempted everything else on and are set on pitching it, it can't hurt.

My method, strip the board of any heatsinks and battery and cmos chips if possible, remove all thermal paste and thermal pads, preheat oven to 384F, elevate the motherboard off of a pan (i ball up aluminum foil and leave a little pointy end for 4 mounting holes to support the board) and bake for 5 minutes. I don't suggest pushing past 6 minutes, it's never been beneficial in my cases and stinks like hell >.< But so long as you can vent the house afterward hey it's fun :P

Or if nothing else, I'd pay shipping on the board if you don't wanna go through the trouble of baking it

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