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Default Re: Origin & Roots - Topcat's VP6 Thread!

Originally Posted by ratdude747 View Post
But that's more or less irreversible... I used to do that too (may have ruined a rare AMI dual Slot-1 Coppermine board that way). Especially with socketed BIOS chips and having a chip writer or spare hotflashing board, soft mods are a lot better. Want to reverse it? Flash a new Rom. Screw it up? Hotflash a fresh chip and try again.
Exactly. Removing the chip from the board is too 'permanent'....and I honestly don't see desoldering it from the board having a happy ending. The HPT366 controller still shows up (and works) in the windows device manager, and that's fine, it causes no's just no longer bootable anymore (hence option ROM removed from the motherboard's firmware), which is all that matters.

That said, I have considered seeing if it was possible to swap the HPT366 chip for a HPT370/372 chip, which would upgrade it to ATA100 RAID....but I have not been able to find the pinout for either IC to determine if it was even remotely possible for it to work. They contain the same number of legs, I just have no clue if they're pinned the same. Implementing the HPT370 firmware would be easy if the electrical mappings were compatible with eachother (both being Highpoint chipsets). The HPT370 is what the VP6 got, and was a great controller for the time.
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