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Default Re: Tools / technique for boards with eMMC repair?

I did manage to take out two fbga153 eMMC's. One is junk (4GB) I can't read nothing off of it. The software just sez, that the eMMC is bad. It won't recognize squat, everything is zeroed out, no matter what I try for settings. That was my first one.
The second one was a 128GB one and I was able to copy, erase and program it. That's as far as I got with the eMMC's. Soon I supposed to get another candidate with a bad or corrupt eMMC. But for that, I have a second working box. So the plan is to take a working one, clone it to the 128GB (a little step up from 8GB) and put it on to the broken box that won't boot.

The reason that I am not so sure on how things are going to work out is, because copy all info from the other box, incl. the MAC, PW, etc. So I am not sure if that is going to work as I'd like to.

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