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Question Low Voltages on Desktop/Laptop Mainboards

Dear forum members,

When I measure voltages on desktop/laptop mainboards, sometimes I measure something a bit lower than expected. For example, instead of 1.05v on PCH, I measure 1.047v. Or instead of 1.5v, I measure 1.48v.
my multimeter is OK. and the voltage values are stable at 1.047v and 1.48v.
other voltages such as 3.3v and 5v are normal as expected.
resistance on the 1.047v line is 6.5 ohms.

Do you think these values are normal?
Or should I replace the buck converter circuit or its capacitors or anything else?
Do you think the PCH is getting faulty such that its resistance dropped a bit and this drop has led to a drop in voltage?


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