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Default Re: Tools / technique for boards with eMMC repair?

Originally Posted by CapLeaker View Post
Well, I think I am better off to leave the IC installed and just go with wires direct to the programmer. Anyone know fast the CLK signal is? I measured something like 48MHz?
As long as you know the layout and have access to pads somewhere on the circuit board it's always the best solution because you'll avoid all the mess.
Plus 99% it doesn't have to be replaced, you're just doing it for fun or to perform a firmware corruption recover / downgrade or patch
Don't worry about the clock frequency, just wire connect to an empty SD card holder and insert it to a computer SD card reader/writer or a SD to USB adapter reader/writer. It contents will be ready to full access. If you need a 'low level' access use WinHex or any other alike tool.
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