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Default Tools / technique for boards with eMMC repair?

My question is what kind of tools, programmers, hot air settings, techniques are you guys using to play with eMMC's? Any weird failure modes? These days eMMC is in a lot of devices and I should be getting some these devices on my bench.

I had a RCA smart tv main board in my junk bin that had some Toshiba eMMC FBGA153 on there. So I took it off in order to read it. It seems that these eMMC's aren't only soldered on, but also glued to the board? Anyway, I've probably had the board for 4 years kicking around in the pile, so that probably didn't do any good either. So I put it in the FBGA153 programmer, found the correct eMMC in the settings and? Nothing. The pins got detected correctly, but it is timing out for a read / write in all 3 modes 1bit/4bit/8bit. There was absolutely nothing to save in Boot 1 and 2, User etc. Always get the same error. I've tried to read them individually, no bueno.

Not sure if the eMMC was bad to start with, or i burnt it off (took like 3mins on 400C to get it off the darn board). It wouldn't move off the board easily, so I decided to jam my tweezers between the eMMC and the board and pry it off. That's how I noticed that the eMMC was actually glued on there.
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