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Default Re: Repair Fence Energizer SS-1000E Fi-Shock

Originally Posted by redwire View Post
The resistance of the fuse, two power resistors and the two 1N5408 rectifiers is all that is in series with mains. One of these parts is pooched.
I don't know how u knew it was the 1N5408, I guess that comes with experience took both off circuit, and indeed that "08" was hidden below the "circle", tested using DMM as follows:

D1: 72 k-Ohm & 0.47 V drop (in diode mode)
D2: 92 k-Ohm & 0.49 V drop (in diode mode)

so far dug up all boards and only found 1N5400, so not good, either way ordered a kit and will continue searching in hopes of replacing D1 and seeing if there is any change.

if there are other ideas I can easily put them to the test with reality

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