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Default Acer B326HUL power supply dead

Display only blinks and than stays dead. Check open the PSU revealed it is dead.

There are three output rails: winding to feed the TEA1791T synchronnous rectification controller (this thing has no connection with primary side!), the output for the rectification transistor - this rail feeds the signal board, and than backlight rail.

Seems like the unit only pumps few cycles to the secondary so voltage rises a bit and than falls down as the caps discharge. I have about 15.5 V on a small cap on the primary auxiliary rail just after the diode which slowly falls, pumps again to 15.5 V and that repeats.

There is however oscillating voltage between like 18 and 19.6 V on the cap directly in front of the primary common PFC/PWM controller. Do not think this is normal condition. Cannot identify the controller right now, it has layer of lackquer, gonna have to try removing it.

I do see only 320V on the input cap though, there is no spike suggesting the PFC would be turning on, so maybe the problem lays in here?
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