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Default Re: Maxxter ACT-WNP-RP-002-W wireless repeater/accespoint fixed

Originally Posted by stj View Post
actually those are standard.
they will probably last longer than you think though because they are only operating at 100Hz
Really? I wasn't aware these are standard, as they are so small. They're about the same size as the 1000uF/10V cap. Good to know, though, that they are not likely to fail. We'll see how it goes.

I have a suspicion the bulged cap failed because it was fitted very close to a ferrite core coil and a small transformer, which both get quite hot when the repeater is running. Even more remarkable: the manufacturer had more than enough space on the PCB to put this cap further away from both components Talk about planned obsolence.

Here are a few photo's of the device. They are not mine, though, as the repeater is already reassembled and test running. Both shelve halves are not screwed but glued together by design, and I don't feel like breaking it open again. Another indication hinting at planned obsolence. The last photo clearly shows the bulged cap.

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