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Default Re: Removing "Yellowing" From Beige Case Plastics

Originally Posted by Heihachi_73 View Post
Some people had mixed results with Retr0bright, with the yellowing coming back in the same places (e.g. the square where the brand name logo once was remains white but the rest of the case goes back to yellow). It will be interesting to see that case in a few months or years to see if it's still white.
This isn't retr0brite....but I imagine that is possible regardless, as retr0brite works on the same principle as sodium carbonate cleaners. Some of these were done over a month ago, it hasn't degraded any yet....but yellowing occurring again in a few years, I would say its very possible. I've read that a clearcoat stops it from happening again....but I'm not going through all that.
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