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Default Re: Dell Precision 470 Workstation

Originally Posted by michaelahess View Post
So I just came across an old 470, caps were all blown to crap. I ordered a cap set from the CapKing and went to work on it yesterday.

Originally I got an error about the VRM being faulty. If I pulled the second CPU and it's VRM, I got an error about the other VRM being faulty but the system would power up (at least 12v side) and the fans would go crazy.

After re-capping, nothing, I get a solid B light showing a power supply issue. I know that isn't the case as the power supply already fired up, unless the 3.3v or 5v are dead.

I did have two issues putting the new caps in, two of them just wouldn't go through the holes smoothly so I left the iron on them a bit too long I think, they were hot but not HOT, however I did smell a smell I've never smelt before, acrid, I think I may have burned one of the caps.

Any thoughts on what I can try? I don't want to drop any more cash into this so I'm probably going to trash it unless someone has any ideas. Thanks!
Hey! My first post on BadCaps! I have a very similar problem. I recently came into possesion of two of these boards. One board was able to post and one wasn't. After recapping them both, the one that wouldn't post now works fine. The board that previously would post now won't post, gives me the light code warning for processor and/or VRM mismatch, and the fans are going crazy. I'm very new to recapping boards, so I wonder what I did to screw this machine up?

I know I'm responding to a year-old post, but did you ever figure out your problem?
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