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Default Re: Emachines - Intel D102GGC2 board

Originally Posted by c_hegge View Post
Go with the Nichicons. They are considered to be a better brand

will place my order when I can determent what cap i need for my dell 8400 to keep price down.
what i have so far
D102GGC2 board:
15x 820uF 6.3v 8mm nichicon HN
4x 1000uF 16v 8mm nichicon HZ
1x 3300uF 6.3v 10mm nichicon HZ
Dell 8400:
1x 2200uF 10v 10mm nichicon HZ
1x 2200uF 6.3v 10mm nichicon HN
5x 1000uF 10v 10mm Rubycon MCZ
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