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Default Re: LCD 19" BENQ T905 problems

Originally Posted by capullaco View Post
What is the value of the polyester caps?

Someone said, 220 nF 160V but I have read on another site that is 0,022 micro F.
Maybe the guy misspelled it and added a 0?

AFAIK 220nF = 0,22 micro F
On one side of the cap says " .22 160 " but is 0,22 pico? nano?
On top of the cap there is a "K".
One quick and easy way to get the answer to this is to go to a site such as Digikey or Mouser. Look up the physical size of .22 F, 22nf and .22nF 160 volt caps. It becomes very easy to determine which is correct.

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