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Default Re: The hard drive failure thread

Since it's my thread, I'll start... Just had this guy fail in a makeshift NAS box that's been cobbled together over the years. I use the machine to stage Exchange backup data, which is then offloaded to tape. It gets used a few hours a night, and is idle all day. The system runs 24x7, in a controlled rackmount environment. The drives run at a constant 72*F.

Samsung Spinpoint
POH Unknown
Failed with Bad sectors.

Believed to have been failing for some time, but the crappy SATA RAID controller didn't pick it up as a failing drive. Exchange backups started failing with higher frequency until I did some troubleshooting and found write errors on the NAS.

Still sold at Newegg -

For the price and what I use it for (not mission critical), I'll be buying 2 more of these. One to have on hand, and the other to replace the bad drive. I don't really want to swap out all 4 drives for enterprise-grade.

Edit - Just had a chat with my boss... made the case for the WD RE4 drives after seeing the 5 yr warranty vs 1yr on the Samsungs - Looks like I'm buying 4 new drives. We'll re-use the samsung's in the department as 2ndary storage for the techs.
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