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Unhappy Shuttle SB61G2, shorted NB? && Cap Replacement Question

I have a 10 year-old Shuttle SB61G2 here that I seem to have stupidly killed.
I was testing different ways of mounting LED strip lighting inside for some illumination, but ended up letting the tip droop down and touch a resistor in between the RAM slot and the capacitor on the bottom middle of the board shot below. for reference, that's the capacitor with R233 marked by it, not for it, but just to be clear about location. The area it touched is in the vicinty of the 4 resistors there. They all test out fine, so I powered it up.

Note: the motherboard model is FB61, v2.1.

Plugging it in, I get a noticeable whine from he coil to the right of the southbridge (heatsink'd) above the two Mosfets. Both of those also check out fine. Also noticing the northbridge getting unusually hot while off with just the power plugged in. you can see where I put my bare finger to the core to confirm this. the machine turns on from this point (heatsink back on), but does not POST. fan spins. the LED next to the fan connector to the right does not turn on.

My stupidity is the weakness here, letting the end of the LED strip touch the resistors in the first place and effectively either putting ground or +12v to them directly. I'm not sure what one it touched in that small area and what it could have fried, but my worst nightmare would be the 865 NB. a new one will cost me a kidney on eBay, something I'm willing to do, but I want to see if it's repairable or not. I can take more pictures if needed.

Secondly, once I get this working again, I'm considering swapping most of the capacitors in important areas like the CPU and by the PCI/AGP slot with polymers, since these are all the original OST caps, not one bad, but aged well enough I'm going to take precautions. I have a Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.2 I want to drop in, but can't now, because of this little issue. if I replace the caps, which polymers should I shoot for?

Other cards installed while the machine was on during the event were an HD3650 512M AGP card and an Audigy 2 ZS PCI card. the RAM is standard run of the mill Kingston KVR 2.5v DDR-400 in the total of 2GB.

Picture of Motherbaord (10MB!)

Picture of Motherbaord (smaller, 5.3MB)
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