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Default LCD Monitor Sceptre x20wg-naga will go black after 1 sec.

Hello All,
The LCD Monitor Sceptre x20wg-naga will go black after 1-2 sec. If I turn on
the monitor the screen just stay for few seconds, and then goes away(black)
but power is on. If I turn off and then turn on,the screen come back and goes black again for 1 to 2 sec.
I checked board with power supply and inverter, and found the Capacitor C101(25v 150uf) is bad, I replaced that caps and tested that, but problem is not solved on this way.
I have searched this forum and got so many good guidance how to fix this problem. But I am new to electronics repair and don't have experience for the repair. I hope I can get detailed help from this forum for this monitor.

Thanks in advance.

Because the uploading is failed, I try post links for pics of power board. Sorry
for the inconvenience.

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