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Default Re: *** Class Action Lawsuit Against Abit ***

Originally Posted by Junk Parts
Well now! I was just getting ready to clean up my VL6, and send it to Topcat for a recap. Now I find that Abit might/might not fix it for me. I think I'll still entrust my recap job to Topcat. I don't want to buy a new CPU, Fan, RAM, ect... My FCPGA PIII 1GHZ @ 512 Megs of PC133 RAM work just fine for me. She runs real well on my DSL. This old PIII also runs better than my Gateway P4 1.5GHZ @512 Megs of PC 133 RAM. These two PC's are programed the exact same way, and are used for the exact samethings. I still have my old AMD-K6-2/450AFX CPU. Maybe I'll just build me a killer PC arround this fine old dog CPU....LOL I still have Dos aound here somewhere too!
roflol on your username!
many of my sytems are built of upgrade pulls and recap jobs.junk parts to someone else.
as far as dos i have one box here with a microsoft os on it and it is dos 6.22 for a device
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