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Default Re: Questions about VLANs and Cisco Hardware

I have tried, but I do not think I have done it right. I need a better understanding of VLANs and how the packets look when traveling from various networks to other networks.

For example, what happens and what does it look like if a packet is coming interface 1 on a wireless LAN controller, with an IP of, untagged, passing through interface 1 on the router (just as an example) which has IP address of What happens to the packet if it's untagged when it leaves the wireless LAN controller? What happens if on the router, it's a VLAN interface? What happens if it's tagged when it leaves the wireless LAN controller?

I see many tutorials that show how to setup the dot1q on the router's interface, but that command just isn't there for my router. It's a little bit different.
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