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Default Re: KSGER STM32 T12 soldering stations

A person could grind off the fin on the heatsink for more clearance. I used Kapton tape and lifted the heatsink up a bit, it does have sharp edges which would cut solder mask.

It really does take several seconds to light up the red LED on the 24V rail. Not as long if you switch it off and then on.
I can't find datasheets for the CR8642S PWM IC. It has 1.5MEG HV DC feed and 22uF 50V cap, so I'll bet it's taking its time charging that to start up. Or a 120VAC version needs a lower resistor value. It's kinda weird. Voltlog is 240VAC so maybe that is covering it.

edit: Changed out the 22uF 50V 105C Chong-X capacitor. It tested fine. No difference in 3 second start-up time. Power-off it quickly goes from 16V to 9V and takes many minutes to discharge to zero. When it still has charge, next start-up is quicker, maybe 1.5 seconds.

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