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Default Re: Need help with Shuttle SB83G5A - fans spin but that's all

I love the details! This has been a fun read. I applaud you for your effort and work. haha That desoldering wick hack is a thing of beauty.

I think the question of "Should I reflow the processor" would depend a bit on your skill and comfort level. lol Reflowing larger BGA chips can be nightmarish/prone to disaster. That being said, if it's already broke and that seems to be the only solution, maybe you don't have much to lose? Additionally, if this is to be a learning experience, it might be worth it just for that! I mean, you did essentially do the troubleshooting work. :p

If you do end up re flowing it, I would just make sure and give it plenty flux so that it can penetrate up under the chip/between the bga. I probably wouldn't do a rework on it unless you happen to a good purpose made solder paste and a stencil, but then again I'm not very good at this. lol

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