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Default Re: Fujitsu-Siemens P17-2, likely bad transformer but cant find specific model

Thnx for reading and directions.

Ok, here is how the test went.

I put the transformer back, and hooked it up except the 4 leads comming from the side.
I connected the fist one and turn on the monitor.
turned it off.
Disconnected it and connected second, and so on.


When I connected 1. the picture came on like before, but the area around circled transformer was making weird sound.
It repeated when I connected only 2.
When I connected 3. it didnt made strange sound, screen came on fine, but as I was about to turn off to go for the last it all turned off including power led before I turned off the switch.
Nothing came up when I connected 4.

I connected all four, nothing. on off few times, looking around. I noticed power led faintly blinking.
Then smoke started coming up from behind the transformer area.

disconnected all, one of the 4511GM transistor being noticeably burned

Could that be the failing element finally giving completely in, or just its failure is result of previous components failures?


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