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Default Re: Onkyo SKW-591 subwoofer is dead

I can't find Q433 and R433.
I have removed 7805 and installed a regular big one in there. At the input I had 5V and at the output I had 4.3V. Something is not right, it should be higher the input voltage.
Course, I must of made a short because I blew up Q502.
I have decided to put back the original 7805, to compare the readings. I have ripped off the input trace, so the smd 7805 I had to solder in a bit crooked, to be able make contact each leg. Most likely that caused the short.
Tomorrow I will look into it, what happened. Before, the output it was 0V, so I'm guessing, that the original 7805 is open.
Can I diagnose this amp, without Q502 soldered in?

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