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Default Re: Asus GT220 1GB graphic card problem

Originally Posted by gerbercage View Post
Anything I can do to prelong its life?
If you cared to read my previous posts above, you wouldn't be asking this. But I'll repeat myself once more to save you the trouble of scrolling up:

--- Your video card is dying and it CANNOT get better. ---

If you don't want to reflow it, then there is nothing else you can do to revive it. Any "working" behavior you get will only be at the card's (or God's?) mercy, and it's not going to be for long. In other words, the problem will only get worse and worse until the video card is completely dead.

So either sell it as is, try reflowing it, or just throw it away.

Sorry to be so direct, but that's all there is left for this one.

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