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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Took one PSU from the 120 that I got yesterday. It's a Premier LC-8500BTX.

Here's what I found:

-TT2194 switchers - TO-220 package

-EI-33 transformer - I think I have a good SPI/FSP ERL-35 transformer that might work - will need to check up

-3.3 uses SBL2045CT rectifier, 5v uses 2x SBL2045CT in parallel, 12v has (what I presume is) a MUR3060PT or something close to it - it's in a TO-247 package and it's blocked by a plastic sheet that separates it from touching the output torroid (which by the way is beefy as hell)

-caps are radioactive green Yang Chun (what are the chances Anodia = Yang Chun?), none bulged.

-fuse is 6A 250v (not 6.3 as usual) - may hunt down a 8 or 10A just in case

-fan is a sleeve bearing Globe Fan, although I suppose this is a higher grade one as it seems similar to those used in Jou Jye

Overall, it looks pretty beefy for a PSU. The only thing I'm not really happy with would be the small transformers (although the main one wouldn't be a problem if I can swap the FSP one in) and the choice of caps (although Yang Chun aren't really crappy in most cases - if you don't run a power hungry machine, that is.), otherwise, it looks pretty nice.
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