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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
It's a Pentium J2850

TDP 10 Watts!!!
And despite having the same core clock as the Q6600, I bet it runs most things way faster, probably due to optimizations and updated instruction sets. Makes it that much more of worthwhile score. And yet you thought about dumping it.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
but today's resurrection was a HP A6763W, quad-core Phenom w/8gb RAM. I swiped 4gb of the RAM for something else, but 4gb is fine....this will make someone a good web browser. Both the PSU and motherboard had to be recapped.... Lite-on PSU and ECS MCP61PM Motherboard. Case in mint condition, so yay for me, another soul spared from the shredder!
Not yet!
That MCP61 chipset is from the nVidia bumpgate era. I've seen plenty of these motherboards die due to that. To postpone the issue, adding a small 40 mm fan on the chipset HS should extend its life. Since the mobo isn't anything special, I typically give them cheap no-name sleeve bearing fans. To keep the fan running longer without the bearings going bad (they will on the cheap fans if ran @ 12V all the time), I set them to run at 5-7V (either with a 47-150 Ohm resistor or direct-connected to PSU rails). Oldest one I have in service is from 2014 and still no sign of the bearings going bad.

Originally Posted by Curious.George View Post
I don't build sand castles IN the surf. Perhaps these "losses" don't bother you... "there's always tomorrow!" (until there isn't)
Exactly! This is all I was trying to get across to you all along. Was it this hard to understand?

What I do as hobby or for fun is not a "loss" to me, even it seems so to others. There are many things that other people do that I consider a waste of time. But I don't tell them that in their face and I certainly don't mock them for it. After all, who am I to judge what people want to do with their time and lives?

But you... can't seem to sit on your hands - you have to mock people with your wise-ass comments, don't you!
I don't build sand castles IN the surf.
"there's always tomorrow!" (until there isn't)

Originally Posted by Curious.George View Post
I suspect I've got at least a decade or two on you (Q: how many of your friends/colleagues/sibblings are dead?).
So that makes you wiser than me and your ways of doing things superior than everyone else's???

Originally Posted by Curious.George View Post
Hint: I don't know of any of my peers who enjoy "tinkering" -- with ANYTHING! Few of them dare to even tackle new "concepts" (i.e., out of a BOOK!) as they find them too hard to grasp (try learning a new language after 30). They'd rather spend that time with their kids/grandkids, dealing with health issues, traveling or otherwise adding to their slate of NEW experiences.
And? What's wrong with any of that?

Originally Posted by Curious.George View Post
I wonder what your attitude will be like when you've "spent" those decades (in whatever way you consider as appropriate)... will you shrug and figure you've "done it all" (or, enough of it) and resign yourself to doing LESS in the time you've remaining? Or, will you start placing more value on the time that you HOPE you have, remaining, and rethink your priorities so you can ADD to your experiences instead of spending it "replacing buggered screws"?
Well, that's for me to figure out, not for you to judge me (and mock me). So PLEASE STOP!

This will likely be the last time I reply to any of your posts. Because clearly no matter I say (or anyone else for that matter), you always try to stand out as how you do everything better than everyone else and your way is always the right way.

So I shall bow with silence to your high horse from now on, because that's all it's come down to.

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