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Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
It passed the graphics test!! A new DVR is born!
I've been butchering ZM in an attempt to get a more useful "surveillance system" out of it -- separating it's motion detection, user interface and video recording functions into separate pieces. Then, (physically) distributing them to different hosts.

E.g., I can use low power "front end" boxes to just capture video (RS170, USB, IP) -- effectively turning generic cameras into IP cameras (or, groups of IP cameras!). Then, route ALL of the video (24/7/365) to a NAS. Only the NAS needs to be physically secured because no "records" (recordings) are stored in the cameras or front-end boxes!

Then, separately, review that captured video for "events of interest" -- assited by motion detection routines that are invoked "on demand".

Triggering recordings in a space that normally is occupied (i.e., has lots of inherent motion) effectively renders the motion detection irrelevant -- there's ALWAYS motion in the places of interest! So, you either turn off recording when the space is occupied (and then lose all record of what happened in that space) OR you capture a bunch of video with no "value added" by the motion detector!

We've learned (experience) that having the surveillance system alert us to activity just ends up disturbing someone's sleep. By the time you get around to remotely reviewing the live video and alerting the cops, it's all "history". So, we rely on a commercial alarm service (and physical protections -- like bat-blinds) to protect the property after hours. If someone wants to steal something or vandalize the exterior of the building, we can't stop them -- but, we can sort out who did it, later!

Where surveillance can be a big win is letting HUMANS figure out "what's changed" and then asking the surveillance system to look backwards through the recorded history to figure out WHEN it changed!

Real world example: the pile of laptops that was "here" (on this table), yesterday, is gone, today! Find which camera(s) have a view of the laptops previous location. Mark that approximate area as "of interest" and then let the motion detector work backwards through the recording of THAT video stream to see when it "was changed". Review that scene to determine (using wetware recognizers) if that is an event that reflects their disappearance (i.e., REappearance) and manually examine the video on all pertinent cameras at that time stamp to see who/what happened!

But, you can now do this with whatever horsepower you have available -- instead of just relying on the horsepower in the "video recorder"!

If nothing of interest happened in the last N hours (24, 48, 168...) then let the older recordings expire and reuse the disk space.
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