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Default Re: the gutless, bloated, and fried power supply hall of shame

"X" cap C4 is rated for 500V and a horrible tempco! The "Y" caps are also GP ceramic disc types, !

The output caps are all rated for 85C, which mean that at best they are high quality general purpose parts. I don't know who NTK Electronics is, but the NCC SL series part is high quality general purpose, and that series probably went obsolete in the mid 1980s. NCC/UCC's low ESR parts in that time frame would have been the RX or RXA series in miniature can, and RZ or RZA series large can. Probably all 4 were available, with the RXA and RZA being fairly new.

In that era Boschert and Astec tended to use low ESR parts on the 5V output, and high quality general purpose capacitors for the lower current outputs (in NCC/UCC, SL or SM series).

If you wanted to fix that thing and make it safe, you could probably salvage real X and Y caps from something you've scrapped. You might be able to uprate the input rectifiers the same way. You also would want to replace all the 35 year old electrolytics. You'd want to use the worst low impedance parts you could find for the output capacitors, maybe something like Nichicon PS series (NCC/UCC seems to EOL older series quicker than Nichicon does).

Or maybe it could be a "Get a load of this POS!" curiosity for your hardware nerd friends.
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