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Default Re: Your Video Card Cooling Mods

Originally Posted by brethin View Post
LOL killing low profile cards must be the new thing.
When manufactures are too lazy and/or too cheap to put a proper heatsink ... yeah, I'll put whatever I have that is better than their crap. I don't have any low-profile PCs, so I frankly couldn't give a crap about low-profile stuff. Besides, if you are stuffing a 50W+ video card in a small shoebox PC, you're doing it wrong. Most small SFF/USFF PCs already run way too hot inside. They don't need more heat. So a mid-range low-profile video card is a silly idea anyways... unless it really has a properly designed heatsink that exhausts all of the heat outside of the case - and those usually don't come in anything less than a dual-slot and full-profile.

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
well, i'd just like to affirm that your testing methodology is sound on both the 2400 xt and 4650.
the 65C u got isnt hot enough to cause the pcb to darken. rather its the most likely cramped oem casing and poorly ventilated oem pc case plus the combined effect of the dust that led to the gpu running even hotter than the 65C u got. i estimate the internal case temps of the gpu running at max load hit over 80C maybe even close to 90C over a prolonged period. thats what caused the pcb to darken.
Yes, 65C isn't hot enough for that. But this was the temperature I was reaching only after a few _minutes_ of medium-high load... and at 18C room temperature with _open_ case. Since GPU temperature rises proportionately with ambient case/room air temperature, @ 28C (normal temperature in my computer room for the summer), I expect that stock cooler to easily hit 75C and possibly leveling off around 80-85C or higher with all of the dust it had - which is all hot enough to darken a PCB. (And for the record, I cleaned the stock cooler's fins from dust prior to testing it, so the overheating clearly wasn't from dust accumulation alone).

Meanwhile, this modded cooler keeps the card at around 50C with the same 28C room/case ambient.

I guess as classic car guys like to say: there's no replacement for displacement. In the case of cooling, there's no replacement for surface area (with some airflow, of course).

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
let me tell u all about it. recently, i bought a few video cards off junkbay that came with third party heatsinks. thing is, they all had inappropriate heatsinks for the tdp required. i had a 5870 with arctic twin turbo pro. arctic lists the max tdp handling capacity of the twin turbo pro as 125w and the 5870 has a tdp of around 200w! the video card turned out faulty when i tested it and i had to file for a refund.
Not surprised.

Whenever I'm bored, I browse for cheap video cards on eBay. I've been doing that for a few years now, and I've noted that there are video cards with certain coolers that are almost regularly listed for parts or as broken. I saw a few like my Sapphire above as well, so no doubt the stock HS is poorly matched for it. Other regulars are the single-slotted reference HD4850 cards, single-slotted GeForce 8800/9800 GT (which is over 90% what they come with), and GTX 560/Ti with single fan... that's just to name a few off top of my head. There are many more in this list. Most artifacted cards are due to crappy cooling.

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
i dont need to tell u what happens when u try a 200w heat load on a heatsink that can barely handle 75w! i also found that the plastic washers on the back of the card to insulate the pcb from shorting on the spring loaded screws had melted and fused onto the card's pcb. i wonder how hot the gpu ran to cause the plastic washers to melt like that. over 100C?
Hey, it's a self-reflowing video card! How neat.
The feature doubles as self-drying/baking to remove moisture from air humidity. Awesome!

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
i have used shin etsu before and i have both the x23 7783d and g751 pastes and yes they are thick and i had to spread them with a spatula.
Thick pastes, I don't spread. I find that the heatsink pressure does a better job at that while pushing out all of the air bubbles indeed. But this only works on GPUs and CPUs with exposed dies. Applying thick paste on a CPU/GPU with a large heat spreader tends to yield not great results, IME. So for those, I use a less viscous (runny/watery) compound.

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
well dont toss em just yet. they should do well for cooling the entry level series of each generation from the 2000 to 5000 series all of which have 20-25w tdp. e.g. 2400 pro/xt, 3450/3470, 4350 and 5450. all of em should have 43mm square mounting hole pattern which fit the cooler. in fact, that 4650 stock cooler should work nice in replacing the stock passive heatsink of my 5450. u should sell that 4650 stock cooler to me! lol!

also, if u dont mind and have the time, u should try that 4650 stock cooler on the dell 2400 xt instead. i wonder how it would perform. i theorise it should perform great! not sure what the ambient temp was when u tested the 4650 stock cooler and got that 65C load temp result but i am going to ass-u-me the ambient temp is 29C. therefore, 65-29=36C delta above ambient. since the 2400 xt has 2.5x lower tdp than the 4650, 362.5=14.4C delta above ambient. with an ambient temp of 29C again, we get 14.4+29=43.4C. so u should get around 43C load temps give or take a couple of degrees with that 4650 stock cooler on your dell 2400 xt. well, if u have some spare time, that would be an interesting experiment to try out! give it a go and lemme see the results! thanks! hehehe...
Already ahead of you there

Though I didn't use the Sapphire HD4650's stock cooler in particular, I did reuse a low-profile PowerColor Radeon HD6670 cooler on one of my HD2400 XT cards. I just didn't take pictures of it, as I didn't think it was that interesting of a card/mod, given how saturated the online market is with used HD2400, 3450, and 6450 cards (they are literally sold by the bucket). In any case, the PowerColor HD6670 low-profile stock cooler is about the same size as the HD2400's reference cooler. But it has much more fins and much thicker base, similar to the Sapphire HD4650 (but still quite inadequate for a 60W TDP). So the temperatures were much lower on the HD2400 - actually very very close to what you calculated/estimated. I don't remember exactly, but I think I was getting indeed around 40-43C load with 28C room ambient and closed case. Stock HD2400 HS in that same case with same room temperature was giving around 60-65C under full load. I'll take some pictures when I take it out for replacement maybe this or next month and also make some graphs. But yeah, that one worked quite well.

And for brethin's sake, I didn't kill a low-profile card with that mod.

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