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Default Re: the gutless, bloated, and fried power supply hall of shame

Originally Posted by Dan81 View Post
Given it was one of the cheaper units out there, thr PFC choke could very well been fake. That, and my friend specifically asked me to bring the choke to him so he could reuse the copper wire.
Well, if it's a fake choke, there wouldn't be much copper wire for your friend to reuse.

Originally Posted by Dan81 View Post
And yes, going by how much components are installed, Allied is actually Deer's high end line, with L&C being the bottom of the barrel, and of course Deer itself which is in the middle.
Yes, Allied is indeed Solytech's high-end line, with the others as you described. I was just joking with you that you called Allied a high-end PSU. Really in the grand scheme of things, Allied PSUs are pretty mediocre compared to the whole market.

Originally Posted by kevin! View Post
The fact is that this source ERL39 burned the coil, how is this possible? I had never seen anything like it.
No idea. First time I see/hear of a burned transformer. Normally the primary transistors pop way before that happens. Would be really interesting to desolder it and take it apart. Perhaps a short developed on the output side windings (high-current side).
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