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Default Re: Need help with Shuttle SB83G5A - fans spin but that's all

Thanks for the reply, retiredcaps.

Originally Posted by retiredcaps View Post
1) You know more about this repair than I since I'm still learning, but what is the part number of the mosfet?
Good call. Don't know why I didn't think about looking it up.
Both MOSFETs on the NB/SB VRM are Alpha and Omega 4404 N-channel MOSFETs.
I found the data sheet. Says it's rated for 8.5A continuous, and 24 mOhms min Rds(on). Will look through my junk pile and see what I can find as I do have a few dead motherboards and video cards. I'm still very tempted to just insert 1.5V with an external source on the NB/SB VRM low side since replacing these MOSFETs just seems like a pain in the butt.

Originally Posted by retiredcaps View Post
2) I assume all these tests were done with a cpu installed?
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