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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
I haven't tested it under heavy load to find out, but I'm fairly sure it's quiet. One thing I don't like on these newer Dells (as in, socket 775 and newer, lol) is the lack of PS/2 ports. I don't have a whole lot of USB mice and keyboards (only one of each, actually... or at least until I got a second USB keyboard a few weeks ago), so it's hard to do any semi-permanent or permanent setups.

Other than that, it should also be a pretty reliable PC, given it's an Intel G33) chipset and it doesn't run too hot. I don't trust the chipsets on modern motherboards these days. Same goes for last-gen nVidia chipsets (glad they don't make these anymore).
A special note on that system, since you appear to have the G33M02 variant of the motherboard it only supports dual-core CPUs (the less common G33M03 supported quad-cores as well), but it does support Wolfdale Core2Duos.
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