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Default Re: Bush idlcd26tv22hd 17PW15-8 issue

Good news today replaced IC802 but the set still would not turn on however the self test voltages returned. Also noted pin 1 of PL807 should be 2.5v fed from 3.3v via two diodes but was spiking at 8v varying from 6-8v even with PL807 unplugged but the 3.3v line was steady put it down to meter error i just dont know. After investigating couldnt find much wrong tho bit of a mystery did find two almost dry solder joints and retouched here and there.

After that first application of mains heard a high pitch squeek during self test, got excited if honest and tv then powered up fine

I dont like the level of high pitch whine coming out of TR06 maybe a new C819 maybe bit bigger any thoughts? Not sure if I just got really sensitive hearing but sure is audible to me even from a foot or two away good job this tv's audio setup is meaty!!

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