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Default Re: Bush idlcd26tv22hd 17PW15-8 issue

Can you recheck R830, the schematic lists it as 0R47Ω which is 0.47Ω (close to zero ohms) also R971 is listed as 0R47, so check what is printed (or color code) on the resistors
VCC1 source for ic807 is from IC828 which is normally off but turned on with ON/OFF signal from main board

The ic828 (regulator ic) also supplies vcc2 for IC802 (PFC circuit) When you push power on, you should have vcc2 voltage on ic802 pin 8, and if the pfc circuit is working the voltage on C819 will go from 340 volts to around 400v, this circuit needs to work as circuit with (q813/814) requires 400v
You may not see any voltage on pin 7 of ic802, it will be a pulse (you would need a scope to see it)

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