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Default Re: Bush idlcd26tv22hd 17PW15-8 issue


after replacing Q809 stby 5v regulator which was in fact the ic version the tv ran fine for a day then was turned off over night, first time plugged in the next day, thought i heard a pop but cant be sure and no signs of any pop like damage on the psu and the set would not power on. STBY 5v present and red led remains on, stby 3.3v also ok. MB is sending 3v to pin 6 pl803 and dropping to 0 when power button pressed but comes back up to 3v after a second or so psu not playing?

Just had another look at it now and seems that the 33v, 12v and 24v do not come up on the self test any more when mains is applied so things getting worse or maybe better from the point of view of getting to the bottom of it. Mosfets seem to test ok using multimeter basic test. Its late, maybe gremlins will vacate as quickly as they came overnight but i doubt it.

till the morning my friend...
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