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Default Re: Dell 2007FPB teardown

I had a 2007wpb that wouldn't turn on at all unless i let it sit plugged in for a few hours..then it would turn on long enough for the "no signal message to come on" then die again it would repeat this randomly.

After reading kalmara's post i checked the row of resisters under the "white blob of dielectric" on the usb board .. the first one is a 2.7k (printed on it 272) i first jumped a resister of unknown value across it and the monitor started working. then i desoldered the SMD and soldered in a regular 2.2k resister and put it back together ..everything is working great so far.

I read a bunch of post here and there but couldn't figure it out so i made this post so people in the same situation can do the same but maybe you should replace it with the right resister

here are some pictures of the location on the resister thanks to budm.

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