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Default Re: Topcat's Dream Service Bench Reborn!

Originally Posted by sam_sam_sam View Post

You are a very busy person do you have time for anything
Sometimes I wish I had a "mini me"...or two.....but I'm not easily entertained, so I don't watch TV or sit around and do nothing....I always find constructive things to do....albeit some might argue what I consider to be 'constructive'....

....but for what it's worth....

Center island roll-around table. I built 2 of these tables 15 years ago (cut a 4x8 sheet of 3/4" plywood in half to make the tops, the rest is pretty self explanatory). I've used it in this room on occasion as needed, but most the time it was used in the garage. I modified the outer edges with some 1x6 I cut down to create a 'track' to lay carpet in, so I can use it in this room.....but if I need it out in the garage for something gunky, the carpet will lift right out....but at this time, its going to be more useful in this room.

...and the toolbox moved out to the garage... I have an idea of what will occupy this space....I just have to build it.

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