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Default Re: Topcat's Dream Service Bench Reborn!

Just a bump to let anyone that gives a hoot I'm still plugging away at this....

I used to tease old geezer techs that used these.....but I won't anymore, as my aging eyes have come to appreciate it these days! It's a Luxo circa 1960's, all metal with a glass lens. They're around, but most of the knotheads on ebay think they're worth $100 + ridiculous shipping....I found this at a local junk shop for $19. Base was missing, but it was easy to fabricate. Anyone can get the cheap plastic ones......but I'll pass.

If anyone remembers the CM2220 from earlier....well I found a CM2250 on ebay for $10, not working.....

I figured I'd take my broken CM2220 and this one and make one working unit.... Well, the fix for this one was I've still got a broken but intact CM2220. This one came with all the adapters, cables, and the colorometer as well....I'll have to tinker with that feature.

The other CM2220 that I found along the way. Even today, I find these quite useful. Great for dialing in & burning in modern stuff.

THis is the next to go, big tool box full of mechanics tools.....I've been making a spot for it out in the garage..... I'll fill in the space it consumes with something else I'm pondering...

That's all for now......
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