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Default Re: Soyo SY-6VBA133 - no POST

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
They probably used too thin NiChrome wire on it, so it ran too hot for its own good.

That said, you can buy cheap NiChrome wire online and rewind it. Maybe even make it more powerful, if you like? Or dual-power with dual windings?

And instead of temperature control, you can put a switch to toggle between full power and half power (for half power, just put a single diode in series with the live - this should be about enough to keep the iron up to temperature once it's hot enough and not over-burn the tip as fast.)

Only if it's a good quality station.
Just because it's temperature controlled doesn't really mean anything. The cheapo Hakko 936 clones that use 900M tips are about as sad as any other cheaply-made wall / constant power iron. The iron that came with my KADA 951D+ is pathetic. Last time I used it was probably 2 years ago. It just sits down in the garage uselessly. I only keep that station for the hot air (and even that rarely sees a use anymore, but at least it's a working hot air station. The temp-controlled iron, on the other hand... ).
I ended up getting a Kemot soldering iron. Ceramic resistor that heats up, and tip is a strong one that doesn't eat itself lol.

Recapped the 6BA+IV w/ Panny FJS (from an dead NEC machine, board had bad SuperIO chip) and Rubycon MBZ from same board, along with two Sanyo WF in the corner of the board. POST'd just fine, though it's picky about what RAM sticks it eats.
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