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Default Re: Repair Fence Energizer SS-1000E Fi-Shock

Friends -
I'm TOUCHED by the show of attention and good energies, thanks for the schematics, so much talent.. I hope not to disappoint from my end.. too bad cannot EDIT existing POSTS..

I let the system idle for ~1-2 minute before testing, to let things charge up, indeed one can see the voltage climb up, until reaches stable levels (e.g. the vdc50, and 30vdc)

I think there's a thin/grease/film on the back of the board which sometimes causes testing appear different, in any event managed to get good reading from point #34 to #6 and #13 as ~34VDC.. here is an updated list:

1) from 1->8 => 230vac all the way through to 32->26 = ~230vac!

2) From 33->27 => ~50VAC.

3) from 27->22 => ~50VAC.

4) From (27, 34)-> (4, 5, 6, 13) = 36VDC (stable)

5) From 31->15 -> 0.6VDC (testing AC shows as 6VAC) maybe this changes when "triggered"

6) From 34, 35 -> (14,19) = 30VDC (stable)

7) From 36-> 14 => 0.6VDC !??!?? I'm not sure if this is expected??

NOTE on (7): Testing this Diode (D5) in-circuit, black wire on Pin#36 (Cathode) and Red on Pin#35 (Anode) shows 0.55V on DMM, reversing the wires shows "OL", so i think that is OK, maybe need to test this out of circuit??

Not sure if that voltage drop is expected, just going over this diode drops a lot.

Another interesting finding:

8) From 35-> 24 => 27-30VDC

9) From 35->23 => close to zero???!!

NOTE on (9): That is the DIAC marked D3, not sure how/what part it plays in the "triggering", but still I'll try to find time to test this out of circuit and report back.

any other ideas welcomed.
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